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Our Services

  • Preparation
         We employ a full staff of experienced part-preparation personnel. We offer de-flashing, shell-blasting, part-masking, hole or thread mask-plugging, and most types of pretreatments and chemical coatings.
  • Applied Finish
         We apply almost any type of wet-finish you desire. We apply silver, gold, copper, cho-shields, and most other exotic-metal finishes. We finish to matte, flat, glossy, high gloss, or whatever you might need in between.
    Conductive or non-conductive coatings finish requirements? We apply them daily.
  • Artwork, assembly & other customizing is available
         We have access to more processes than this space allows. Engage us to apply your design onto your parts via Painting, Pad Printing, Silk-screening, or Laser Etching.

EMI-shielded interiors and textured-appearance exteriors

     Applied Finishing Incorporated is your full service, one-stop finishing shop. If it can be done, we can do it.
     Our offered services include a full array of chemical treatments including, but not limited to, passivation, sealed and hardened anodizing, plating, chemical treatments & pretreatments, machining and assembling.
     We are adept at Silk-screening and Pad printing too, including artwork, cliche' and silk-screen-creation (we burn our own).

Airplane seat row marker, silk-screened

     At Applied Finishing, we strive to offer a variety of high-quality, cost-effective finish services that encompass preparation, coatings application and testing, screen printing, and pad printing. 
      Our goal is to provide outstanding quality, excellent customer service, expedient processing, and expert technical advice. We believe every customer should have the partners and materials necessary to meet today’s demanding standards & expectations!